Below is an excerpt from my Instagram, thanking my followers for their continued support!  I wanted to share it on here as well and thank you all for following me too!  I feel truly blessed in many ways for being able to follow my dream and try and turn what I love (cooking/eating/feeding and inspiring others) into a job!  Please read and know that I am grateful!


Hey, ya’ll! Just a quick thank you to everyone who follows me and “likes” what I’m doing on here! I just reached 500+ followers, thanks to you!!
This may seem like no big deal to some, but for me it is! When I set out a few months ago to share my love of food and feeding people with the world, I had no idea how I’d be received. From Day 1, the support, positive feedback and love that I’ve received from like minded foodies like you has blown me away!
I truly appreciate each and every “like” and comment and I want you to know how much I deeply enjoy cooking every meal, taking every picture (can’t leave out eating every meal😋) and sharing this journey with “my peeps”!
It’s been a trip watching my following grow and it fills me with a great sense of pride, confidence and satisfaction one can only appreciate if they are fulfilling their passion.
Thanks again for joining me on my food journey and here’s to the next leg of our adventure… I’ve got a really awesome collaboration in the works which I can’t wait to share with everyone, so stay tuned!
XO, Leigh

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